Language study help freeware for Windows from Jonax

For memorizing foreign language words

Swedish and German language versions available + experimental English-Cyrillic

Made with Pascal

Download size: 180 kB (unziped 2.8 MB)

System Requirements: Windows, keyboard, mouse, monitor > 1024*932 pixels

What to do:

Unzip the files in some directory

Run the main program

Enter the words you want to memorize

Start practicing

Good luck!

To download. Click the red button(s)

Stjärnglosor på svenska

Ladda hem stjärnglosor (glos200.zip) (187kB)


Auf Deutsch

Sternvokabeln.ZIP herunterladen (180 kB)


ROSPOC - experimental version with Russian and Western characters

Download ROSPOC (186 kB)