Freeware from Jonax


Version 0.96

screenshot of Ponx096

^ Screenshot of Ponx for Linux

Ponx is not PONG. But is heavily inspired by the classic game.

What to do:

The paddle always moves but you decide the direction.
Hit (almost) any key to change direction of your paddle.
Return the ball until your opponent (the computer) misses.
First to 3 wins.

Coded with Lazarus Pascal
Compiled on 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux (11.7 Bullseye)

Place the file in some directory
If necessary make executable.
Run the program

Download size: 3.0 MB

System Requirements: Linux (preferably Debian), 3 MB free disk space, keyboard, mouse, monitor: VGA or better



Download Ponx096 here

To download. Click the red button