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MaxDe - Maxwell's Demon

screenshot of MaxDe

^ Screenshot of MaxDe when ongoing

MaxDe - Maxwell's Demon

Inspiration from the famous Gedankenexperiment by 19th century physicist James C Maxwell

What to do:

First select difficulty level. Press Key 1-5.

Separate the balls by well-timed opening/closing of middle wall
Hit (almost) any other key to change wall status.

screenshot of MaxDe

^ Screenshot of MaxDe start screen

Want to do a physics experiment?

Find out a connection between the number of balls and the average time for spontaneous separation on your system.
Hint: You may not have time to examine the 16- and 32-balls cases.

Coded with Lazarus Pascal
Compiled on 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux (11.7 Bullseye)

Place the file in some directory
If necessary make executable.
Run the program

Download size: 3 MB

System Requirements: 64-bit Linux, 3 MB free disk space, keyboard, monitor: VGA or better



Download MaxDe here

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