Knight's Quest for the Whole Trail

A.k.a Knight's Tour

Work in progress for 64-bit Linux

What to do:

The Knight moves like in chess. Find a way to cover the whole board.

Unveil the underlying Mandelbrot image.

Screenshot of Knight's Quest
^ Screenshot of Knight's Quest for the Whole Trail

Coded with Lazarus Pascal
Compiled on 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux (11.7 Bullseye)

Download size: 11 MB

System Requirements: 64-bit Linux, 11 MB free disk space, mouse, monitor: 1024x720 or larger
Runs well in many Virtual Machines

Place the file in some directory
If necessary make executable.
Run the program

Knight (0525) SHA512:


Download Knight0525 here

To download. Click the red button

230525: Knight now remains on final square

230524: Minor adjustments

230523: False moves fix

230522: Late Beta. Fully playable